Our publication may be small in format, but it’s large in focus.

We keep readers in Ottawa and environs abreast of trends and topical issues that focus on vigour and vitality, fitness and sports, nourishment and well-being. Our feature articles are about people and organizations that inspire us, from local athletes and farmers and their initiatives to homegrown businesses and unsung heroes. And while we steer clear of gimmicks and promises of quick fixes, we do offer you, our reader, the real deal: interesting and thought-provoking articles on how to live your active life to the fullest, in good health, and with sound nutrition.

Celebrating our ninth anniversary in 2016, Healthwise Ottawa is a free publication distributed city-wide and published by a team of local professionals who are passionate about healthy living. (Our online version is easily accessible for those of you who miss out on the print version.)

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